Interstate Moving Company

We move all over the continental US (we do not do moves to Hawaii nor Alaska.. yet!). Whether you are moving to the Midwest, down South, to the West side or up or down the east coast, we can do it!

Moving out of state requires a different approach due to the logistics of your move. Items need to be packed and prepared differently, movers need to be equipped with different tools and the coordinating can seem daunting. Fortunately we’ve been successfully moving our customers interstate for almost two decades now. When it comes to out of state moves, we know all of the ins and outs.

Interstate moves are on a flat-rate base only. What that means is that we don’t charge by the weight of your cargo or by the hour or the number of men on your crew. We offer you a flat-rate quote (not an estimate because you are being told EXACTLY what the move will cost you, not an estimate as to how much we think it will cost you).

Free on-site estimates 

All out of state moves require an on-site estimate to be conducted by one of our representatives. What this means is that we will send out a professional estimator to come to you and take a look at everything that you will be moving, assess whether you will want any packing or disassembling done and then offer you an exact quote right there on the spot so that you know up front what the move will cost you. On-site estimates are 100% completely free of charge and obligation.

Whether you’re moving to Washington or Florida, Maine or Arizona, give us a call today for a no obligation FREE on-site estimate!