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Serving Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Southern Maryland

AFFORDABLE TOP NOTCH MOVING is a moving and trucking company located in Arlington, VA. Founded in 2003, under the name WEEKEND MOVERS, as a means for its founder, Ray Barquero, to finance his way through college. Originally a small moving business, our company soon expanded and now serves residents in Washington DC, Northern VA, and Southern MD.

WEEKEND MOVERS was a success from the beginning and with hard work and dedication, the company expanded into the well-respected national moving and trucking company it is today. We currently have over half a dozen moving trucks and employ over two dozen movers. With our company’s expansion came the need to rebrand and that is when AFFORDABLE TOP NOTCH MOVING was born. 

We understand that exceeding customer expectations is the key to success. We always go above and beyond what is expected and ensure that our moving equipment is state-of-the-art, providing customers with guaranteed quality equipment to facilitate and expedite even the most seemingly difficult moves.  Our moving rates are THE most affordable in the industry and we offer services 7 days a week. Short notice services are also available. 

Our movers undergo an 18-hour warehouse training program to learn to properly handle furniture and moving equipment before they are put on the job. They learn the proper way to inspect for pre-existing damage, how to take out shelves and drawers from shelf and drawer units, how to wrap furniture with special extra-padded moving blankets, how to transport each article down narrow passageways and around sharp corners. In addition, our movers are trained on how to properly pack a moving truck, so belongings are kept safe and sound throughout the move. 

Our past work includes: moving for high-profile politicians, including two sitting US Congressmen and one former Virginia state mayor. We do moves throughout the United States and maintain moving contracts with the US military, The Embassy of Japan, and The Embassy of Ireland.  

What differentiates ATN Movers from the competition 

When looking for a moving company in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, or Southern Maryland, there are a lot of options out there. From established firms, newspaper ads, and online ads, it’s really hard to know where to begin, whom to trust, and what sets companies apart. 

Moving is an emotional life changing event, therefore, it has to be done by a team of professional movers who care, pay attention to detail and understand the moving process. We have been in business for more than ten years and have taken care of hundreds of moving projects throughout the Washington, D.C. tri-state area.  It is our mission to treat our customer’s belongings with care and to make the transition as pleasant as possible. 


✔︎ Licensed, bonded, and insured.
✔︎ Services available 7 days a week.
✔︎ Short notice services available.
✔︎ Percentage of income donated to charity. 
✔︎ Interstate moves. 
✔︎ No travel fees.
✔︎ No charge per weight.

✔︎ Free local hauls for churches and elderly.
✔︎ Deal directly with same customer representative when you call.
✔︎ Movers required to undergo 18 hours of moving training. 
✔︎ Most competitive rates in the industry. 
✔︎ Full valuation insurance available.
✔︎ Flat rate moves available.
✔︎ Major credit cards accepted.

Helpful moving tips 

✔︎ Take out the glass plate from inside the microwave before moving it. 
✔︎ Take heed to wrapping press wood furniture with tape, as it could peel the press wood.
✔︎ When removing shelves from moveable shelf units, remember to extract the pegs the shelves were sitting on.

✔︎ A quarter coin placed between the back of a door (where the hinges are) and the top of the doorway works great to hold the door open.
✔︎ You can leave your clothes on the hangers if you have them placed in wardrobe boxes.
✔︎ Label the boxes with the intended destination.

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