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At ATN Movers, we know that relocating your business can be an exciting, but daunting task. Whether you're moving your business across state lines or just transitioning to a new office space down the street, you deserve to tackle your move with a team of professionals who understand the unique challenges of moving a business. The stress of packing up years worth of equipment, furniture, electronics, and documents can quickly become overwhelming. That's why finding the best moving company for your commercial move is crucial to ensure a smooth and easy transition. Our team at ATN Movers is dedicated to making your experience as stress-free as possible, whether you need local moving services or you’re taking your business out of state. 

Why choose ATN Movers for your commercial move?

No one wants to question whether or not their inventory, electronics, or office furniture is safe during relocation. With ATN Movers, you can stress less about your move and actually look forward to starting fresh and settling into your new office, store, or warehouse. With over ten years of experience, we have grown from our roots as “weekend movers,” to what we are today by sticking to our service-centered principles and genuinely caring for our customers and their possessions. We always go above and beyond what is expected from us and make sure that our moving equipment is state-of-the-art, providing customers with top-notch equipment to handle even seemingly difficult moves, efficiently. 


✔︎ Licensed, bonded, and insured

✔︎ Services are available 7 days a week

✔︎ Short notice services available

✔︎ Percentage of income donated to charity 

✔︎ Interstate moves

✔︎ No travel fees

✔︎ No charge per weight

✔︎ Deal directly with the same customer representative when you call

✔︎ Movers are required to undergo 18 hours of moving training

✔︎ Most competitive rates in the industry 

✔︎ Full valuation insurance available

✔︎ Flat rate moves available

✔︎ Major credit cards accepted

Our team is dedicated to making sure your business gets all of its possessions from point A to point B in the same condition it left in, without adding additional stress to your transition. At ATN Movers, we understand that business never sleeps, that’s why we always send a team large enough to make your transition of spaces as quick and efficient. Not only can we support your commercial moving needs, but other services we offer include residential moving and apartment moving, both local and long-distance. That means we can help move your home office too.

What areas does ATN Movers serve for commercial moves?

Whether your business is staying in our Washington, D.C.,  Virginia, or Maryland service areas, or your business is moving interstate, relocating with ATN Movers guarantees that your equipment and inventory are in very good hands. We have the expertise and experience to handle the logistics, regulations, and potential challenges of interstate moving, so you can focus on running your business while we take care of the heavy lifting.

How do I prepare my business for a commercial move?

As exciting as an office relocation can be, it can also be a big hassle. Along with enlisting the help of office relocation services that you can trust with your valuable equipment and office furniture, it’ll help to plan ahead for the big transition. Whether you’re downsizing or expanding, staying in town or moving cross country, let’s break down some helpful steps to take before your commercial move:

  1. Plan Ahead: It can take years of planning to execute a move for large corporations or businesses. Be sure your team is ready for the transition and create a realistic timeline to avoid interruptions of business. If you don’t have the luxury of plenty of time, ATN Movers will work with you on short notice to get things done quickly. Working with a professional can help ensure all the boxes are checked off, afterall they are moving professionals. 

  2. Delegate responsibilities: If you are part of a larger organization, it may help to assign staff to coordinate the move. For most businesses, it’s essential to flawlessly execute the movement of servers and computers, having an IT person in charge of any disconnection and blackout timelines is typically helpful. 

  3. Make sure things on the other end are squared away: Sometimes it's hard to fly back and forth if your new location will not be in the same area, but knowing what you’re moving into is essential. If any prep work such as painting, flooring, etc. needs to be done, it’s usually easier to tackle those projects before moving office equipment in. Avoid disruptions to your day-to-day business operations by ensuring your new space is move-in ready beforehand. 

  4. Update company communications: This part is a little more exciting – update letterheads on official paperwork with the new business address and phone number if applicable. Updates may also need to be reported to the IRS, vendors, clients, banking contacts, and insurance. 

  5. Take inventory: This can include physical products, and/or furniture, shelving, and tech supplies that will be coming with you. Donate anything that won’t be needed at the new location to a tax-deductible charity. 

  6. Partner with a reputable moving company.  Relocating your business with a commercial moving company that you can trust can make the transition so much smoother and stress-free. With enough on your plate already, let ATN Movers handle your commercial move – with care. 

What is the most cost effective way to move my commercial business?

Instead of going into your office relocation blind, get a free quote with ATN Movers. We offer hourly, and flat-rate services for local and interstate business relocations. No per-mile charges and no per-pound fees. No surprises. To save even more, ask about our seasonal discounts. 

Some more tips for making your corporate move as cost effective as possible include:

  • If remote work is possible, consider utilizing technology to minimize employee downtime during the transition.

  • Consult with a tax professional to explore whether or not your relocation expenses are tax deductible. 

  • Stay organized and stick to a timeline to avoid disruptions in daily business procedures. 

What types of commercial businesses can ATN Movers help move?

To execute relocation successfully, you’ll want the help of a reputable commercial moving company that  you can trust. Our team of relocation specialists recognizes the importance of prioritizing your business, and we are fully equipped to support you with your unique requirements. For commercial movers you can count on, call today to learn about  our all-inclusive services for business relocations, tailored to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule , budget, and industry specific needs.

ATN Movers can assist in moving your business, whatever it is. Here are a few examples of commercial relocations we can easily manage: 

Offices: Small personal offices or large corporate headquarters, ATN Movers can handle the relocation of your office furniture, equipment, and documents.

Retail: Small boutiques or large chain box stores, ATN Movers can carefully and efficiently relocate all merchandise, displays, and shelving units. 

Restaurants: ATN Movers can handle large kitchen appliances, tables, chairs, booths and anything else your restaurant may require. 

Doctor’s offices: ATN Movers can successfully manage the relocation of delicate medical equipment, important records, office furniture, computers, and more in your medical office relocation. 

ATN Movers is happy to adapt to whatever unique requirements your business may have during its transition. We have the trucks, tools, experience, and manpower to get the job done, whatever industry you may be in. 

What office relocation services does ATN Movers provide?

ATN Movers is your go-to for top-notch, comprehensive commercial moving services. With over a decade of experience under our belt, we're ready to tackle any commercial move, big or small. Your precious inventory and valuable equipment are in seriously good hands with us! We carefully wrap all your office furniture and offer full insurance coverage for your peace of mind. Need to move across state lines? Not a problem. We've got flexible hourly and flat rates, seven days a week. We can even swing by and offer a free on-site estimate. From office furniture, merchandise, computers,  and even cars, we move it all. We've done it all too – from quick 10-minute item disposals to major projects like hauling concession stands and 40,000+ seats into the National's Park Stadium in DC. No matter the size of your commercial move, we've got the perfect solution for you.

How can I get a quote for commercial moving services?

To receive a quote for your commercial move, simply head to our quick moving estimate form and tell us about the relocation services that you’ll need. We’ll provide you with a free estimate within 2-3 business days. Feel free to call us anytime at (703) 599-7979 to speak with someone personally about your commercial moving quote. 

At ATN Movers, we truly get the challenges and stress that come along with relocating your business – that's why we're here to help make your commercial move as smooth and stress-free as possible. We offer a range of services, with easy to understand pricing, leaving you with no surprises. Our team of dedicated professionals undergoes 18 hours of packing and transporting training to ensure your business's possessions are handled with the best care. Plus, we're licensed, bonded, and insured, giving you peace of mind throughout the entire relocation process. So why stress about your commercial move? Partner with ATN Movers and let us handle the heavy lifting while you focus on what you do best – running your business. Get a free quote today.


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Customer Reviews

Michael Yacob

“A friend recommended ATN so I reached out to them for help with an office move. I sent them some pictures with the contents of the move and they sent me a quote within just a couple minutes. Eddy and his crew showed up on time and took great care of all my furniture. I haven’t always had good experiences with moving companies so I’m happy to write a review for ATN as they’ve earned it. I plan to use them for future moves. Keep up the good work!”

Hannah Dada

“These guys are literally life savers! I had previous movers cancel on me and ATN made sure they fixed other peoples mess. I’m so grateful and words can’t even describe how grateful I am. I highly recommend them. And on top of that the movers themselves are so caring for not only your things but also you as a person. I felt so taken care of. I appreciate them and I wish nothing but the best to the company :)”

Eileen SYY

“We had another great experience with ATN Movers. Eddy tried his best to accommodate our time schedule and at short notice. The movers were on time, efficient, professional, friendly. The furniture were well wrapped. We will gladly request their services again.”